November 3, 2010

Framing New York Times

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Framing New York
Art in New York, New York in Art
by geo geller
Framing New York – Art in New York, New York in Art, a non-linear non-story story Documentary

more Silent Music Videos at
FYI – originally started out as a segment of Self-Portrait of YOU-manity documentary where i would give people a picture frame and film them talking about
what’s it like to be YOU-man… people kept saying I was Framing NEW York, so after a few people said that I said ok I’m Framing New York
and then it morphed into moving/still/audio images of NYC mixed with art in New York and New

Yellow from Yellow Obsessions series
from Frieze Art Fair – 2012

click far right for fullscreen and HD

NYC story

click far right for fullscreen and HD

Portrait of Art Opening -Richard Avedon opening at Pace Gallery

Beauty a dance

Shadow Dance an un-ballet in 23sec

Mid Summers Night Swing
still images & timelapse

Driving around Times Sq in a Taxi during Un-Hurricane Irene in 5 parts

UnHurricane Irene – on August 29 2011 between 1am and 2am -i decided to go out and about NYC in the middle of the night to film the UnHurricane Irene – every wonder what its like driving aound NYC and Times Sq in a hurricane? – and you would be surprise what i learned too – i stood on the street corner waiting for a taxi for what seemed like forever, stumbled on these two obviously sweet gay guys helping people in the rain get a taxi and their little Hurricane irene fashion shoot which i leave that for the end of the video below or in the segments below below – i finally got Yellow Cab, and what unfolds is a conversation with jerome while traveling around Times Sq and the streets of NYC looking for street life in a hurricane dream – Jerome had some interesting observations that you might resonate with – especially when i asked him – what NYC is?? stay tooned

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Rain, Flooding, People and Trip Through Times Sq in Jeromes Taxi at 1am in 5 parts

Me Myself and People on NYC street in Un-Hurricane Irene at 1am – FullScreen
Me Myself & Un-Hurricane Irene in Jeromes Taxi, Times Sq 1am part 1 -FullScreen

Part 2 -fullScreen
Part 3 -fullScreen
Part 4 -fullScreen

Pianos that PoP-Up

Art in New York, New York in Art series
Geo Geller
geogeller (at)

in 2010 & 2011 I stumbled on these two amazing piano adventures in Times Sq & Greeley Sq 33rd st NYC and well they speak for themselves
2011 Live From New York City PoP-Up Piano 33rd st Greeley Square SongsForHope part 1 & 2 6/24/2011
2010 Temple City High School Choir on Broadway, Times Sq – 8/23/2010 in 8 parts Pop-Up Pianos

framing New York Mid Summers Night Swing 2009
still images & timelapse

Framed at 140conf, StateOfNow conferences and beyond by geo geller

click far right for fullscreen and HD

Framing New York Times was shot in 2009 out side the NY TImes building and is part of series of people walking by text or signs or anything – please watch the slide show and you can adjust the time too or see the stills also – please click on the image below to go to next adventure

click on for stop motion still film  slide show

click on for stop motion still film slide show

June 4, 2009

FramingNewYork – Framed at NYPhotoFestival09

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Framed @ NYPhotoFestival 09 - photo geo geller geo(at)

Framed @ NY Photo Festival 2009
Framed @ NY Photo Festival 09

Opening at NY Photo Festival 09
full screen click 4 dots above credits
(best viewed full screen IE F11) Hi Res images available
MOCCA Museum Comic & Cartoon Art - opening 6/7/09
A  Image

MOCCA Museum Comic & Cartoon Art - opening 6/7/0

stay tuned for MOCCA Festival photos & segments from doc too

SoundPhotoPortraits - discovering imaginaton & creative process
portraits of life as i hear & see it
geo geller
geo (at)

exploring intermingling of sound, silence and images
"the future of moving and still images is audio... the future of audio is moving and still images" geo geller

"taking photographs is like making love"
Henri Cartier-Bresson more quotes - - -
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Sound in some of the Sound/Photo portraits is coming soon more
TIMES Sq - sound/photo portrait series

a film by geo geller
play by Dzieci - Matt Mitler - play director
wicked work in progress


MakBet (Macbeth)
Dzieci's chamber version of Macbeth
a haunting voyage into a nightmare - geo geller
mixture of movement/theater/folk songs and chants
where each member of ensemble has learned all of the lines
nobody knows who, what, when they will be playing a character

Brooklyn Bridge @ 125 5/25/87

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Walk sound/photo portrait by geo geller 10/17/07

PinkShades at Mermaid Parade-07 - Sound/Photo Portrait Series
A  Image

PinkShades at Mermaid Parade-07

Portrait in Red Umbrella Mermaid Parade 2008

Portrait in Red Umbrella Mermaid Parade 2008

Aperture Foundation
sound/photo portrait of an art opening
Lisette Model I & II - its a beautiful life here, isn't it Luigi Ghirri 11-7-08

Lisette Model opening part II - portrait of an art opening

Lisette Model opening part I - portrait of an art opening

Lisette Model opening part I - portrait of an art opening

My NY - A Frozen Symphony
Sound/Photo Portrait Series

Opus 1 ------ Opus 2 (stay tuned)

NY Photo Festival 2008
work in progress with more pics and audio eventually

NY Photo Festival - May/08

Coming Soon
Conversation Joachim Schmid & geo geller at NY Photo Festival 5/08
Louis Mendez - Professional Street Photographer at NY Photo Festival

Tattoo vs graffiti
PowerHouse Arena Aug 1 2007
sound/photo portrait

Tattoo vs Graffiti
Walls Belong To Us
PowerHouse Arena Aug 1 2007

Other photographic related links


Super Women Series
gallery with slideshow
slide show only

Albert Maysles art opening

Albert Maysles art opening sound/photo portrait art opening sound/photo portrait

color & black/tan sound/photo portrait of Albert Maysles art opening
(some photos of my mother with Albert)

Union Square farmers market - afternoon walk 9-22-07


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May 20, 2009 is in the process of being re-framed

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more of my this and that moving/still/audio images can be seen at

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